This week in Essexia – a new First Minister, fresh political parties, by-elections, football, and a rocket launch delay

This week in Essexia – a new First Minister, fresh political parties, by-elections, football, and a rocket launch delay

A new First Minister

Following the events of last week’s military coup, Essexia got its 12th First Minister in three years. Ben H, First Minister since September 2020, resigned, stating;

The actions [of the coup] have demonstrated the current instability of Essexia, something that was inherent and not particularly visible. I feel that, in my capacity as First Minister, I am unable to mend the schism that has grown so suddenly and widely. Whilst I have enjoyed my time in office, and for the most part it was a peaceful term, I see now that it is perhaps time for me to step down, and allow my successor to start the long road to real change.

Jack Dean, the next most senior cabinet member, took over and said;

My fellow Essexians, Tonight has been an…eventful one. I have found myself in a position I am surprised to hold. But let me be clear, the by-elections and this year’s General Election will be going ahead as planned. A government will be established, legislation will be passed. Essexia has overcome greater struggles before, it will overcome this. I seek to create a Parliament that will unite, not divide. Although I have much business in the Grand Unified Micronational and in personal endeavours, I will nevertheless put Essexia on my priorities – to, as I said once, “iron out the issues” and bring the entire Commonwealth together. Long live the Commonwealth, long live the Emperor, and long live Essexia!

He proceeded to do a minor reshuffle in the cabinet, putting Ben in the Second Ministry, and Ben S in the Justice Ministry, replacing Harley Crack.

Essexian FM Jack Dean, who is also Chairman of the GUM

Fresh political parties and a by-election

As many will know, there are currently 3 ongoing by-elections in Essexia. These elections have caused a flurry of political movements, including the creation of two new political parties in Essexia.

National Rifle Party – The party’s aim is the protection of human rights through firepower. Party leader, Francis Schrodinger MP, said that “Nations [have] proved over and over that they are unable to protect their citizens, so citizens need to be able to protect themselves. We want to create proper Essexian gun legislation and enhance the constitution with the introduction of a bill of basic rights and freedoms (right to bear arms included).” They have announced that Cristian Dobrev will stand in Seat 1 for the NRP in the by-elections.

Essexian League – the Shrek Super Party has been reformed into the Essexian League. Its ideologies are socialism, socialist patriotism, left-wing nationalism, populism, Essexian ultranationalism, anti-British sentiment. Its promises include full independence from the United Kingdom and Czechia, Essexia becoming a UN member by 2030, and the implementation of socialist policies. Leon Montan is their candidate for Seat 2 of the by-elections.

The by-elections are taking place tomorrow, March 1st. Current predictions have the Greens and the Royalists both winning one seat each, although the outcome is less than destined.

Campaigning has been fierce, and each party has released official party broadcasts (which can be viewed on Essexian social media channels) which have received hundreds of views each, which already means these by-elections are the most interacted with democratic exercises in the Commonwealths history.

Green Broadcast
Royalist broadcast

Football teams

Following the formation of the EssexiAir Premier League, Essexia’s first professional football competition, which will take place later this year, three teams have been formed to take part in the competition. 

Danbury United F.C. and Great Baddow Rovers F.C. were the first to form, and F.C. United of Michael followed on Thursday.

Each of the teams has a sponsor. Danbury United F.C. is sponsored by CAe systems, an Essexian aircraft manufacturer. Great Baddow Rovers F.C. is sponsored by Bearing 420, an Essexian skateboarding company, and Michael F.C. is sponsored by Uberquiesenberg Cartographers Co-Operative.

Each team has at least 4 players each, and in-person matches are due to take place once coronavirus restrictions have been eased.

Rocket launch delay

It was announced on the EAST Twitter account that the launch of the Epstein Mk.IV rocket, which was set to take place in February, has been delayed to March due to coronavirus restrictions.

It will make it the first rocket launch in Essexian territory in over a year. You can read more about this here.

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